It's State Fair Time

The Corny Dog was invented in 1941 by Neil Fletcher at the State Fair of Texas.

Your RV can make day-long events, such as State Fairs, a lot more fun.

Even if you live nearby, having your RV close enough for lunch, naps, and bathroom breaks, can make the difference between a wonderful family time, and one where no one saw everything they wanted to see, and the whole family goes home tired and cross.

A Google search will almost certainly turn up a Fair somewhere near you, and a little digging will often reveal that there is RV parking either on the grounds or somewhere nearby.

The 2005 State Fair of Texas will be held from September 30 to October 23 at Fair Park in Dallas.

If you dread driving through Dallas on the Central Expressway of past years, do not worry... it is now wide, comfortable to drive, and... almost beautiful!

Read details, ticket prices, and phone numbers to inquire about RV parking, check with Big Tex at the official website of the State Fair of Texas:

Go here: Big Tex

If you've ever attended, you will remember Big Tex... he is the giant cowboy who stands near the gate, greeting visitors and astonishing young children.

Gary Taylor, writing in the Dallas Entertainment section of the AOL CityGuide, says in part:
The 2005 State Fair of Texas lives up to the worn-out cliche that sticks to the state like mud on a Justin boot heel:

It's Texas big.

The massive three-week tradition teems with interactive games, antique cars, a make-believe circus, educational displays, rides and nightly laser shows. Pavilions, vendor booths and 750,000 square feet of Fair Park buildings will offer live music, livestock exhibitions, dance, those legendary corn dogs, a petting zoo, Clydesdale horses, puppet shows, a midway and a host of other activities and special shows.
Read the rest of the article here: AOL CityGuide

Photo courtesy State Fair of Texas.

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