Camping in Texas State Parks

Guadalupe River State Park
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
© 2005, Earl Nottingham

When RVers talk about favorite destinations, Texas is sure to be near the top of the list, and the Texas State Parks system is likely to be high on the list of reasons why.

With 120 parks and more than 600,000 acres of Texas parklands and historic sites, there's something for everyone, from Camping Families to Solo RVers.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Take a look at the website, and you will see campgrounds for Campers and RVers, Tent Campers and Primitive Campers, Hikers and Backpackers, Boaters, Fishermen, and Hunters.

Find Full Hookups, Walk-In Tent Sites, Backpackers Sites, and Boat-To Sites

The website is so crammed with information that it's almost like many websites within one.

Look here to find RV or Tent sites for your favorite camping style:

Texas State Parks Campsites

To see an "interactive" map of the state of Texas where you can pick the location where you want to find a campsite:

Texas State Parks Interactive Travel Regions Map

To see Historic Sites that have campgrounds:

Texas State Parks Historic Sites

To make a reservation:

Texas State Parks Reservations

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