Farmers Market is International

While this Farmer's Market may not "along the way" for many of my readers, I think you will enjoy this article from a gardener in Australia.

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Sustainable Gardening Tips

"There is nothing quite like wandering around a genuine Farmers Market being surrounding by the sights, sounds, colors and particularly the aromatic smells of fresh food. Buskers playing weird and exotic musical instruments, children walking around devouring food they might refuse to eat at home, shopping bags bursting at the seams full of strange looking food being carried by ambitious and hopeful cooks. People dressed from the most fashionable clothes to hippies, elderly citizens, mums and dads, families, couples, children - kaleidoscope of colour, movement and life.

I have seen food offered not seen in supermarkets or shops, delicacies of the finest offerings. Living as I do in the rural regions of Australia I have a first hand appreciation of the value offered to everyone involved."

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