Working and RVing Go Hand in Hand

I've been searching the net, looking for examples of families who RV full-time and home-school their children. I found this interesting story from Shelley Zoellick, who tells why she and her husband, Jeff, made the decision to full-time early in their marriage.

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"By Shelley Zoellick (1996)

My husband and I decided to try full-time RVing in 1988. Jeff's job in telecommunications required him to be on the road constantly. Since our marriage earlier that year, we had been staying in motels and eating all of our meals in restaurants (which sounds like fun only if you haven't tried it long-term!) Dissatisfied with this lifestyle, we began looking at RVs and talking about the future. Although we didn't know of anyone else our age who was a full-time RVer, we could see no reason why we couldn't raise a family - and do everything else we wanted to do - on wheels. "

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Working and RVing Go Hand in Hand

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