RV Engine Rebuild

I just ran across this blog and story of how one RVer replaced the engine in his 1996 motorhome. He goes through the various options he considered, and describes the installation and final results.

From the blog:

"Our tired old 454 finally bit the dust. On the way back to Florida it started backfiring under load, and losing power climbing hills. Fuel economy dropped and oil consumption went up. Started overheating again too. The most minor problems I can imagine causing all this would be: a partially clogged radiator and/or a defective fan clutch; some issue in the heads involving valve stem seals and either a burned valve, or a head gasket leak; exhaust manifold cracked or gasket blown. All this in addition to the known rear main seal leak.

I saw basically two options for repairs. Option one was to just fix specific problems, which would involve fairly extensive diagnostics, pulling the radiator, and likely a partial engine disassembly of one or both heads. The labor I guess would be about $1500 for this. Add parts expense, and we're talking easily spending $2k, maybe more. The result of this would be a good running engine with 74,000 miles and still a rear main seal leak.

Option two was to replace the engine. I shopped around and considered a factory long block, a complete crate motor from GM, a Jasper engine, etc. If money was no object we'd have a 502 GM Crate engine. What an awesome engine 515 lb/ft Torque, 320 HP! But the engine alone cost $6k, plus other parts and labor we'd be spending way over $12k."

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