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Mark Nemeth

If you’re an Escapee, and, perhaps, even if you aren’t… you know about Mark Nemeth, his full-time RV adventures, and his writing.

Until 1997, Mark was a Network Systems Engineer working for Computer Sciences Corp. at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. When the contract ended, he retired at the ripe old age of 40-something, and moved into his RV.

For the next four and a half years, Mark traveled America, sharing his RV adventures and misadventures via talks, magazine articles, and his website.

He is now temporarily un-retired, and works at the Escapees RV Club at their headquarters in Livingston Texas. His assignments include writing and research, public relations, and RV Consumer Advocacy work.

Fortunately for us, Mark still maintains his website, a sample of which is below:

Hints and Tips A collection of ideas and Do-it-Yourself projects for your RV

Loading your Rig A big inventory list of all the stuff I'm carrying around.

Choosing your Rig Some tips on looking at rigs when you are thinking of buying.

Tow Vehicle Mods A closer look at my Tow Vehicle and the modifications that I made.

12v Side of Life, Part 1 Detailed Information on RV 12 volt systems, batteries, and chargers.

12v Side of Life, Part 2 More RV 12 volt info on Inverters, Solar, Projects, lots more!

Detailed Information on RV Plumbing systems The Drip stops here!

RV Wrecking Yards and Parts Sources RV Used and Surplus parts sources, Wrecking yards.

Installing a Satellite TV system in your RV Installing a satellite TV system into your RV.

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