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Most websites you find here are strongly slanted to Camping and RVing.

Dynamic Destinations is more like a traditional travel agency website, but it's a travel agency campers and RVers can love.

Full-timer RVers and even those just on a long trip, often like to take time off for a different kind of tour. They will find some great ideas at Dynamic Destinations.

They have a weekly radio program, presented by the President, Steve Cosgrove.

Almost every week, Steve will have at least one feature that sounds like a truly dynamic destination for traveling RVers.

For example, a recent guest described river rafting trips in Colorado, Idaho, and Big Bend, Texas... favorites of many RVers.

Quoting from the website:

"We highlight regional travel (weekend escapes) as well as more traditional travel destinations such as Orlando, Las Vegas, the Rockies, New York, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii and much more.

Dynamic Destinations is devoted to travel destinations and the type of travel that normal people do. You won't find camel trekking thru Mongolia on Dynamic Destinations. You won't find 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' on Dynamic Destinations. Trips by car, plane, bus and train are all subjects we cover on Dynamic Destinations.

What you will find on Dynamic Destinations are travel topics such as the National and State Parks, Bed & Breakfast's, regional fairs and festivals, where single parents can go with their kids for a great vacation, interesting out of the way places and big city attractions plus much more."

If you live outside their listening area you can listen to Dynamic Destinations via the web. Check their website.

Dynamic Destinations

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