Matt the Cat Watching Hummingbirds

This post is in response to a heated conversation I heard recently between owners of "indoor/outdoor" pet cats, who think it's ok for cats to be outdoors in a country setting, and bird-loving "environmentalists" who believe that the nicest and sweetest of cats will revert to basic instincts and kill enough birds to upset the environment if they get the chance.

This video shows Mr. Dillon enjoying Hummingbirds with no indication that he wants to do anything other than watch and listen. Notice how his ears twitch as he listens to them chirp, and how he looks around to watch birds fly all around him.

To see the Hummingbirds, themselves, see this video shot the same morning:
Hummingbirds Swarming

If you've never observed Hummingbirds like this, you will be amazed at the racket the tiny creatures can make.

While he is an avid hunter of mice, Mr. Dillon shows no interest in catching any of the birds, some of which were flying close enough to his head that he could have simply reached up and grabbed one.

This video was shot September 12, 2008, when Hurricane Ike was approaching the Texas Coast.

Hummingbirds were swarming around my feeders like bees around honey, and kept me busy making nectar and refilling the feeders.

The approaching storm probably affected the migrating bird's behavior. They were, no doubt, on their way to their Southern habitat when they had to pause a few days to let the storm pass.

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Read September 12, 2008 news story about Hurricane Ike:
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