Perfect Computer for RVers Asus Eee PC 900HD

This is my Asus Eee PC 900HD set up for use as my primary computer in the corner alcove familiar to many RVers.

The computer, keyboard, and monitor set on a small movable table, while most other equipment is on the little alcove shelf.

The Eee PC is behind the monitor at the right, where I can reach the mouse pad, as I do on occasion when its touch pad serves my need better than the external mouse with its roller ball.

An Asus DVD/CD drive is just above and slightly to the right of the Eee PC.

Further to the right and closer to the camera, is an Amazon Kindle with a USB connector display on the screen, indicating it is connected to the Eee PC, and ready for upload or download of Kindle books.

To the right of the Kindle is MyBook external storage.

The Monitor displays My Computer; DVD/CD drive; Kindle, Canon card, and MyBook.

Wires to upper shelf are to and from external speaker, bolstering the Eee PC speaker.

The USB hub and the receiver for the Microsoft wireless keyboard are plugged directly into the computer on the right.

The two connectors for the CD drive plug into the hub, as does the Kindle and the 250 GB MyBook.

The printer (hidden behind the monitor) plugs into the USB port on the left.

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