Birding and RVing in the The Rio Grande Valley of Texas

In my research of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, a popular winter destination for RVers, I discovered this website by birder Mary Scott.

She displays some of the most beautiful bird photos I've ever seen, and her photo essays provide an excellent guide to the area.

The wildlife areas she mentions are scattered along the Valley among the many RV parks. Almost anywhere you park, you will be within minutes of one of them.

I'm not a "birder", as the term is used by those who study birds, but, I am an avid "bird watcher". If you fall into that category you will love this website:

Birding Texas

Here are a few paragraphs with additional links:

"The Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park is an excellent introduction to some of the specialty birds of Texas. Nearby Chihuahua Woods is a world of cactus.

The Santa Ana NWR occupies the other end of the string of pearls along the Rio Grande, and in between Bentsen and Santa Ana is the Anzalduas County Park. I know this kiskadee looks like a hang glider getting ready to take off, but actually, the bird was relaxing in a stiff breeze on my first visit to the park."

To see Mary Scott's beautiful bird photographs, and read more about her visit to the Rio Grande Valley, go here:

Birding Texas

For RV Parks and Campgrounds, and to get a map of the Rio Grande Valley, go here:

Rio Grande Valley, Texas Recreational Vehicle Association

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