Football Game Tailgating Party RV Style

We've talked before about one of the most valuable perks of RVing, the way an RV can make any event so much easier and more fun.

GoRVing reminds us of these points:

· Take your guests in style–by RV–to both home and away games. RVs come in a variety of sizes and styles for every taste and budget. Renting one is an attractive option for many football fans who go tailgating. Attend an RV retail show or visit a local RV dealer to research the best floor plans and features for your personal party mobile.

· Bring your home to the game. Tailgating in an RV means bringing your kitchen along, everything from range and refrigerator to automatic ice maker. Anything you can prepare at home, you can make in an RV, serve up fresh and take home safely. No lugging tables, chairs and everything else but the kitchen sink; it's all on board, including the kitchen sink.

· Avoid traffic by arriving early and staying late. If you're staying for more than a day, no need to worry about scarce hotel reservations or crowded restaurants because RVs are fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchens and baths.

· Cook to your heart's desire Barbecue ribs, fajitas, jambalaya and more. Log on to GoRVing for delicious tailgate recipes for the entire family. With an onboard refrigerator, oven/stove and microwave, ingredients will be fresh and accessible. RVs have plenty of space to store cooking supplies and utensils. There's also ample power for food processors, blenders and deep fryers. Cook anything a kitchen has to offer in climate-controlled comfort, and you'll save money on food ordinarily purchased from expensive concession counters in the stadium.

· Prepare and freeze hors d'oeuvres ahead of time. Then pop them in the RV's microwave when you arrive at the game.

· Adapt side dishes to suit the weather. When it's warm out, bring watermelon, gazpacho, deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail. In the fall and winter, switch to soups, hot chocolate, and cider with doughnuts.

· Have food ready two hours before the game starts. Allow plenty of time to eat and mingle with guests before kick-off time.

· Entertain in style. Today's RVs offer slideout rooms that nearly double the interior space for more room to entertain guests. On-board generators give you "the power to party" in stadium parking lots, day or night. Bring toys and games to entertain the children, who will enjoy the RV's safety and comforts while the adults socialize.

· Get to know your tailgating neighbors. Swap recipes, pass around a football, and talk up the game. Share food and happy times with old and new friends.

· Avoid bathroom waits. With a fully equipped bathroom on board the RV, you'll make lots of friends and spend less time standing in lines.

· Take cover inside the RV if it rains or snows. Whatever the weather on game day, you'll have a dry place to tailgate inside the RV. Adjust the RV's climate control-central heating and air conditioning-and you'll be comfortable during winter freezes or Indian summer .

· After the game, tailgate some more. Or sit back and relax in comfort. While fans fight to exit the crowded parking lot, pop a snack in the RV's microwave and continue the tailgating fun.

· Don't miss any big plays. Watch the highlights and post-game shows on your RV's plasma TV. Some RVs feature built-in entertainment centers and satellite dishes, great for catching later games and scores.

· Leave your parking area clean. Store leftovers safely in the RV's fridge. And make plans for the next game.

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