Quartzsite RV Show Facts and Figures

* 2005 will be the 22nd Annual Show.

* Kenny King and Mal Mallory are the promoters.

* The show site is 20 acres.

* The actual showgrounds is approximately 4 acres.

* There are 15 acres of FREE public and exhibitor parking.

* There will be over 350 individual companies represented at the show in 2005.

* There are 252 10x10, draped, trade show style booths located inside the main structure.

* The main structure is 60’ wide and 690’ long (41,400 sq. ft.) and is completely carpeted.

* There is an additional 25,000 sq. ft. of additional covered, carpeted exhibit areas.

* There are over 100 exhibitors on the midway exhibit area surrounding the main structure, most exhibiting and living aboard an RV during the show.

* There is approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of service bays for product service and installation.

* In 2004, approximately 250 exhibitor’s RVs were provided campsites with electric, water and sewer services.

* Estimated attendance in 2004 was 150,000.

* Estimated attendance on opening day in 2004 was approximately 30,000.

* An estimated 40-50,000 RV’s are parked in and around Quartzsite during the RV Show.

* Over 1,000,000 people visit Quartzsite during the Winter season.

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Quartzsite RV Show Facts and Figures

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