Birdzilla! The Internet Birding Site

How often, as you go RVing around America, do you wish for those bird identifcation books you left behind?

Rare is the campground without at least one new bird to puzzle and entertain us.

Birding is a favorite activity among RVers, and finding new species as we travel is a constant source of enjoyment.

My nephew Billy, found this excellent website that deserves a spot in the RV Travel Favorites of every bird-loving RVer.

It's Birdzilla! The Internet Birding Site.

Information here includes Festivals and other birding events and activities, listed by state; feature articles about birds and birding; bird facts[ and, perhaps most fascinating of all, a Name that Bird identification section.

Current feature stories include:

- Four Cuckoos in the U.S.? - Dan Reinking talks cuckoos!

- The search for the Ivory-bill Woodpecker begins again in full force!

- The Fox Sparrow

Quotes from Name that Bird!

"Name That Bird! is a free, wild bird identification service."

"Puzzled by the identification of a bird you have recently seen? Use your digital camera (or scan any picture) and e-mail it to us. We will respond to everyone that sends an image

To participate, e-mail us an image of the bird in question. The image can be scanned or taken with a digital camera. It does not have to be of publication quality. "Experts" from the Birdzilla.com Web site will attempt to identify the bird for you. Everyone submitting an image will receive a response."

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