Escapees RV Club

Here, from their website, is the very interesting story about how the Escapees RV Club started:

Joe and Kay Peterson had been full-timing for eight years before they started the Escapees RV Club on July 4, 1978. There was no grand idea of what the club would become; it was started through Kay’s column in Woodall’s Trailer Travel magazine. She asked the question that if a club was started to help people enjoy RVing, would anyone be interested in joining? She received a couple dozen responses and began to think big: One day there might be one or two hundred people in the club! Today there are over 34,000 member-families. Those who joined the club were immediately asked for a name for the club. Escapees was suggested by Harry and Peg Lewis, SKP #22.

The first Escapade was held in February 1979, near Bakersfield, CA. Twenty-four families, including nine children, attended. Today we have two Escapades, one in the spring (usually in the Western part of the United States) and one in the fall (in the Eastern states), that are attended by as many as 2,500 members. Escapades are open to everyone regardless of whether they are a member of Escapees. Please view our Escapade pages to see if one is near you!

Rainbow’s End, in Livingston, Texas, became the Escapees headquarters in April 1984. Located in East Texas, it is six miles from Livingston and approximately 70 miles north of Houston. Rainbow’s End was the first park created.

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