The Heroic Spirits That Keep Watch Over The Alamo

WinterTexans says of the Alamo:

"If you ever pass through the hallowed doors of this fabled shrine, you will sense you have entered a place of power. Be careful in your respectful vigilance that you make no effort to harm the hallowed hall, for here the spirit heroes still stand guard..."

The story is told in San Antonio, that after the fall of the Alamo, Mexican General Santa Anna gathered most of his remaining soldiers and rode off to meet General Sam Houston at San Jacinto.

He left Mexican General Andrade and about 1000 soldiers at the Alamo to establish order and prevent another uprising.

The remaining Mexican soldiers burned the bodies of the Texans, then pushed the bones into shallow graves where they had fallen, right there in the courtyard of the Alamo.

Not wishing to spend the night in the Alamo near the mass graves, General Andrade and his men made camp at a nearby river.

A few days later, orders came from General Santa Anna that the Alamo was to be completely destroyed. General Andrade sent soldiers to carry out that order, but the soldiers soon returned, claiming that they could not get near the Alamo because it was "guarded by the spirits of the dead".

General Andrade sent an even larger company of men, but they too, returned with reports that "spirits" in the Alamo walls reached out and tried to grab any soldier who attempted to "disrespect" the buildings.

Eventually, General Andrade and his men left without carrying out their task of destruction of the Alamo.

The WinterTexans story concludes:

"Are there ghosts that haunt the Alamo today? Who can say with certainty? But there is, with little argument, that spirit of supreme sacrifice that permeates the very air you breath as you walk the hallowed grounds of Texas' most famous battleground. Perhaps you can not see it or taste it or smell it. But you can feel it. And that is proof enough for most, for the Alamo and its famous courtyard is hallowed ground." Read the story here:

The Heroic Spirits That Keep Watch Over The Alamo

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