The Hill Country of Texas

Colorado Bend State Park, courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The Handbook of Texas defines the Hill Country as...

"A region including all or part of twenty-five counties near the geographical center of Texas. In the geomorphological sense, the Hill Country represents in large part a dissected plateau surface.

It is bordered on the east and south by the Balcones Escarpment, on the west by the relatively undissected Edwards Plateau, and on the north by rolling plains and prairies.

Texans and many vacationers define it simply as... "beautiful".

Travelers consulting a map might define the Hill Country as that area of Central Texas bordered roughly (very roughly) by the Colorado Bend State Park to the North, San Antonio to the South, Austin to the East, and Kerrville to the West.

Many snowbirds pass through this area on their way to South Texas, while others make the Hill Country, itself, their winter home.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting stories and articles and suggesting routes to visit many Treasures of Texas, with special emphasis on the Hill Country.

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