Winter Texans Are Headed South Passport Required

No, a passport is not yet required to pass into Texas, but soon will be required to travel back and forth across the US border with Mexico and the US border with Canada.

To find the facts about the new passport requirements, go here:

FAQs about New Passport Requirements

The WinterTexans website describes Winter Texans this way:

"What a rare breed of independent citizen - a truly remarkable group of active and motivated adventurers - Winter Texans are a family of part time residents who are helping to mold the culture and character of Texas.

Of every size and dimension, they annually converge on the warmer climate of their home away from home state to spend the colder months under a warm Texas sun. They bring with them RVs, motor coaches of every size and description, fifth-wheels and travel trailers. Some own second homes in Texas, or lease apartments and homes upon arrival. A few stay with family and friends. But they come, and they come in larger numbers every year."

To sign up for this Winter Texans resource site, go here:

Winter Texans

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Camping and RVing

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