Cockroaches and RVing

One of the less pleasant aspects of RVing is the way cockroaches sometimes come in to investigate even the cleanest RV.

Despite their reputation and the horror they strike to our hearts, they aren’t really as bad as they seem. They are, basically, an outside bug, and according to research found on The Dirt Doctor website, rarely, if ever, spread disease to humans.

Cockroaches” on The Dirt Doctor describes the creatures this way:
“Common names: Cockroach, Roach, Water Bug, Palmetto Bug

Scientific name: Order Blattaria, family Blattidae

Size: Adult--1/4" to 1 3/4"

Identification: Brown, oval and flat-bodied. Antennae are long and slender. Very fast and active at night. Will occasionally fly.”
The article has a great deal of information you should read before you bring your RV to the southern states.

Also from the above article by Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, here are a few paragraphs about safe (organic) Cockroach control:
“Simple but effective roach baits can be made by mixing equal amounts of baking soda and sugar, or equal amounts of Arm and Hammer Soap and sugar. Many reports come in saying horse apples ( fruit of bois 'd arc trees) placed around the house repel the roaches.”

“5. Baits. Once the roaches are in the house, there's a two-step attack. Boric acid dusted lightly where the bugs are seen is very effective, but use light dustings. If you can see the material after an application, so can the roaches--so you've put out too much.

Diatomaceous earth products also work well.

Effective homemade baits can be made by mixing one part sugar and one part Arm and Hammer detergent. A pinch of boric acid added to this mix makes it even more effective. This mixture has extremely low toxicity, but it still should be put in bait stations or lids and located in areas where pets and children can't get to them.

Stronger baits can be made by mixing two parts flour, one part boric acid, and one part sugar and moistening enough to form little balls or cakes. Add more moisture from time to time to keep them more appetizing.

Always keep all pesticides, even these organic home remedies, away from the pets and the kiddos.

6. Spray. The best organic sprays for roaches are the citrus products.”

Be sure to go to the Dirt Doctor website to read the whole story, here:

Coachroaches” on The Dirt Doctor

In particular, look for: Howard's Roach Control Program

It gives a 5 step program to avoid a Cockroach problem, starting with keeping them out of your house... and the program works even if your house is an RV.

(Information from The Dirt Doctor website copyright 2005. 2006 The Dirt Doctor)

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