Rainy Day at Lazy L RV Park,

Lazy L RV Park... High if not dry.

One of the driest places for RVers in North Texas, during the rain storms and floods of July, 2007, was the Lazy L RV Park in Sherman.

That's not to say it was "dry", but that, due to the slopes of the ground, was high above the worst of the flooding.

The uninteresting-looking last photo, below (if you double-click on the photo you can read the logo on the side of a truck going by on the highway), shows that the park is above the highway, so that water drained away from the park.

There were a lot of RVers in Lazy L the entire flood, quite possibly due to the fact that it provided a safe haven from other flooded areas.

Keep that in mind if you find yourself needing a dry spot during Spring rains. (Click the title of this post for a link to their website.)

Note, in the first photo, my computer work station at my motorhome's windshield.

It was a good time for me to sit tight and get caught up on computer work.
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