Campground Cooking: Bacon

Here are some tips to make it easier to keep bacon on board for those quick snacks, even if you eat out most of the time.

Sam's Club carries a 3-pound package that I like to buy because it reduces the price to "affordable".

But a 3-pound package of bacon in a small RV refrigerator or freezer is a bit unwieldy.

Here's a way to solve the problem:

First, I want to mention a really cool tip that makes it easy to separate the slices of bacon.

All you have to do, before you even open the package of bacon, is lay it down on a flat surface, and roll it from side to side, so that the bacon slices slide past one another, like shuffling a deck of cards.

Then, when you open the package, the bacon slices will peel apart easily.

Now, back to how to make it easy to store the bacon:

Note, in the first photograph, that I've rolled up a 3-pound package of thick-sliced bacon, then cut the roll in half.

Each half fits snugly into a 3-cup Glad plastic container (see photo) that stores easily on the refigerator shelf or even in the freezer.

The last photo shows the (now "un-rolled") bacon package, so that you can see the loosened, but undamaged, slices of bacon. The slices of bacon on the plate show that the bacon slices are still nicely shaped and came apart nicely.

Another benefit of this method, btw, is that those "half slices", are a lot easier to handle in the smaller skillet or microwave that you are likely to be using in your RV.

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