Being Chosen, RVing With a Pet

A lot of RVers travel with pets, but that requires a commitment that I wasn't yet sure I wanted to make.

One day, I looked out and saw this half-grown kitten exploring the deck in front of my motorhome. He jumped up on the railing, and sat there for a while, watching the ground closely, then leaped to the ground, and chased something... probably his dinner, into the nearby bushes.

A few days later, I saw him again, but as soon as he saw me, he ran and hid under the motorhome.

I wasn't at an RV park, but visiting my sister on her 10 acre place out in the country, with the nearest neighbor miles away. I was pretty sure he hadn't simply strayed so far. Still, I was reluctant to feed him or try to make friends because I wanted him to go home if he had a home.

Over the next several days, I caught a glimpse of him several times, but he always ran when he saw me.

He made himself at home on my deck, and largely ignored me, and, while I also ignored him, I was secretly beginning to hope he would stay.

One day I decided to throw out some scraps of bread... all I had that might be pleasing to a cat. He came back and ate the bread, all the while glancing suspiciously at me over his shoulder... then he ran away again.

The next day, I heard the furious barking of my sister's dogs, and knowing they must have the little cat trapped somewhere, I went out to shoo them away.

In the photo, a disappointed PeeWee, who only wanted to play, sits and watches for the cat.

After the dogs were gone, I went out and called "Kitty, kitty, kitty"... not knowing whether this little animal would even know what that meant, but in a few minutes, there was a tiny meow, and the kitten came out of hiding.

Then he came to me and and started rolling round, doing this "look what a cute kitty I am" act. It was the first sign that he wanted to be friends.

Still, I was reluctant, fearing that he was somebody's lost pet.

The next day, the dogs chased him up a tree, and I went out again to shoo them away.

This time, after the dogs were gone, the little cat came to me and took matters into his own paws.

I was sure I heard him purring "This is MY person!".

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