RVing With a Cat

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Well, you can guess what happened next, can't you?

I talked with some of the knowledgeable people on the Yahoo Group,Cats and Kittens Yahoo Group, and asked them what I should do to try to find out if this little cat was somebody's lost pet or was he truly on his own.

Find them here: Cats and Kittens Yahoo Group

They have a lot of experience with homeless cats, and the opinion of several members was that we are too far from any town, and also too far from the nearest neighbors, for this cat to have just wandered over... and that he was probably feral-born.

Get him to a vet as soon as possible, they said... get him fixed and get his shots, and enjoy his company!

His name is "Mr. Dillon"... "Matt Dillon"... so named because I, at first, called him 'Miss Kitty" because he was so sweet, I thought he was a girl.

Then, my son took a look, and declared that a male's name was in order.

So, "Matt Dillon", it is.

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