Indoors Pet or Outdoors Pet?

That was one of my first questions when it came time to decide if I was going to take on the responsibility of a traveling companion.

A cat is easier than a dog, other RVers said... cats are happy inside all the time, and you don't have to take them walking in the rain.

But when I asked Matt Dillon, he looked at me with some disdain, and I thought I heard him say:

"I can sit out here on this beautiful deck in the sunshine, or I can stay inside the motorhome with some human yelling at me to stay off the furniture!

"Which would YOU rather do?"

It's ok for now... we are in a safe place with a big, safe yard. But when we start to travel again, some decisions will have to be made.


RFS said...

I can only agree that a cat is easier than a dog, except for a smelly cat box.


TravelswCharlie said...

That was one of the big surprises to me, RFS.

Previously, I did not want a cat because dealing with a smelly litter box in an RV would just be too much.

That had been my observations in the past... that cat litter boxes are just too smelly.

But what I found out is that the special "clumping" cat litters available today eliminate the odor and most of the mess if you keep it clean... "scoop" out the clumps at least once a day.

My favorite cat litter is made of corn fibers, manufactured by Arm & Hammer and sold at Wal-Mart.

It's light weight, so it's much easier to scoop than the clay ones, and it has a fresh smell.

It helps make travel with a cat a pleasant experience.